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Full of Pride - Lions raise £60,000 for charity
Bath Life, March 2011
Lions of Bath sculptures raise £60,000 for charity
London Wired, 16th February 2011
The Lions of Bath raise £60,000 for charity
Guide to Bath, 16th February 2011
Lions of Bath sculptures raise £60,000 for charity
Wired News US, 16th February 2011
Lions of Bath sculptures raise £60,000 for charity
Brighton Wired, 16th February 2011
Lions of Bath sculptures raise £60,000 for charity
Manchester Wired, 16th February 2011
Lions of Bath sculptures raise £60,000 for charity
BBC, 16th February 2011
Lions of Bath ends up a roaring charity success
Bath Chronicle, 18th February 2011
Lions of Bath raises £60,000 for charity
Charity Vault, 15th February 2011
Life size lion to greet Trowbridge visitors
Wiltshire Times, 15th February 2011
Lion sales now roaring along
Bath Chronicle,  25 November 2010
Many of the lions find new homes
Bath Chronicle,  11 November 2010
Would you like a lion for Christmas?
Best of Bath, 9 November 2010
Recession blamed as charity lions fail to sell in Bath 
BBC Radio Bristol, 8 November 2010
The Community welcomes Streamlion
Quartet Community Foundation News, 25th October 2010
Lions from Bradford on Avon & Corsham are sold
Wiltshire Times, 22nd October 2010
Lions roared goodbye
Business South West, 21st October 2010
Lions auctioned for charity
Bath Chronicle, 21st October 2010
Lions rounded up ready for auction
Western Daily Press, 1st October 2010
Lions Roar Goodbye weekend
BBC Radio Bristol, 8th October 2010
Pride displayed by the Royal Crescent
Heart FM, 8th October 2010

Pride of Lions safely gathered in prior to charity auctions
Bath Chronicle, 30  September 2010 
Euan's hoping to coin it in for lion conservation charity
Bath Chronicle, 30  September 2010
Last chance lion
Bath Life,  September 2010 
Lions of Bath wins Local Roots award
Bath Chronicle, 23rd September 2010 
Hundreds queue for Debenhams grand opening
South West Business,  2nd September 2010 
A Total Star is born
Legende Celebrity Art,  September 2010 
Major milestone for Southgate
South West Business, 10th September 2010
Euan the Lion added to the Pride
Creative Boom, 8th September 2010
Lions on the prowl in Bath
Barcelo Hotels & Resorts, September 2010 
Priaulx ready to roar in Germany
The Sun, 2nd August 2010 
Lion backed by DJ on prowl in city
Bath Chronicle, August 19 2010 
Fashion guru Jeff Banks has designs on Debenhams
Bath Chronicle, August 19 2010 
Longleat goes on safari with the Lions of Bath
Longleat News, August  2010 
Lion proudly highlights plight of the wild
South West Business, August  2010 
Final lion added to Bath pride
Creative Boom, August  2010 
Famous faces leave their mark on lion
Bath Chronicle, August 12 2010 
A Total Star is born!
Legende Celebrity Art, August 6 2010 
Lion proudly highlights plight of the wild
Bath Chronicle, August 5  2010
Roar talent gives pupils a chance to enjoy the  city
Bristol Evening Post, July 26 2010
A new public art project for Bath
Frommers What's On When,  July 2010 
Taking pride in a clean lion
South West Business, 15 July 2010 
Artists look at Bath in a new way
Bath Chronicle, 15 July 2010
Taking pride in a clean lion
Bath Chronicle, 15 July 2010 
Artist Fabien's Decorated Lion is on display
Bath Chronicle, 8th July 2010 
A new public art project in Bath, July 2010 
Majority of lions now out on the streets of Bath
Bath Chronicle, 1 July 2010
Black lion is a mane attraction in Corsham
Wiltshire  Gazette & Herald, 1 July 2010 
Model lions take pride of place
South West Business,  July 2010 
Find great art in Bath
The Travel Editor,  July 2010 
Lion symbolises strengthening links between Bath & China
Bath Chronicle, 1 July 2010 
The lion, the Rose and the Orchard
Somerset Life,  July 2010
Black lion is a roaring success in Corsham
Wiltshire Times, 1 July 2010
Fenton arrives at Bath
Royal Photographic Society,  July 2010
Bath lions in BOA
Bradford on Avon Community News,  July 2010
Raw artistic talent aids animal charity bid
Bath Chronicle, 24 June 2010
Pride in Our City - Lions of Bath 12-page supplement
Bath Chronicle, 24 June 2010
Le lion de Bath rentre au pays
Jumelages Aix en Provence, 24 June 2010 
Concern over cost of repair of vandalised Bath lions
Bath Chronicle, 17 June 2010
Three lions roaring on
Bristol Evening Post, 11  June 2010
A fifth of city's charity's lions left vandalised
Bath Chronicle, 10  June 2010 
Waiting for the fur to fly
Bath Chronicle, 10  June 2010 
Duo interest Bath
Football Conference News, 12  June 2010 
Bath City fan Ken Loach helps urban lions
BBC, 8  June 2010 
Lions of Bath statues vandalised
BBC News, 8  June 2010 
Outrage after city lions targetted by vandals
Western Daily Press, 8  June 2010 
Pride of place for lion drawings
Bristol Evening Post, 8  June 2010 
Outrage after city lions targetted by vandals
Somerset Guardian, 8  June 2010
Paint a Lion of Bath
VisitBath,  June 2010 
See Lions of Bath, June 2010
Fudge shop's lion in the best possible taste
Bath Chronicle, 3  June 2010 
Cotswold Artist Sam Charles
Cotswold Life,   June 2010 
Pride in our City
Heart FM,  June 2010
Ford Transit is a roaring success
European Motor News,  1 June 2010
Lion safari set to be a roaring success
CreativeBath, 1 June 2010 
Ford Transit takes pride of place at art event
Fleet World, 1 June 2010
Bath's sizzling summer of events
Journey etc, 29 May 2010 
Pride on the streets - Bath lion damaged
BBC Points West, 29 May 2010
Anger as kitchen's model lion is damaged by vandals
Bath Chronicle, 28 May 2010
Lions Roam Bath
Irish Central, 28 May 2010
Devizes teacher decorates a lion
Wiltshire Times, 28 May 2010
Prepare for a city safari as lions take their place
Bath Chronicle, 27 May 2010
Josie's Lion - An Italian Masterpiece
Family Soup, May 2010
Fibreglass lions let loose on streets of Bath
BBC Points West, 19 May 2010
Danny joins Amy Williams for the launch of Lions of Bath
Bath Rugby News, May 2010
Lions on the Streets of Bath
The Telegraph, 20 May 2010
Lion loose on streets of Bath
BBC Radio Bristol, 19 May 2010 
Bath's Mane Attraction
ITV West Country Tonight, 19 May 2010
Lions Roam Bath
Mirror video, 20 May 2010
Lions roam Bath, 20 May 2010
Lions roam Bath
The Independent, 20 May 2010
City's Pride could be it's mane attraction
Bath Chronicle, 20 May 2010
Lions Roam Bath
Rock of Gibraltar News, 20 May 2010
Lions in Bath - and other animal invasions
The Guardian, 19 May 2010
Lions Roam Bath
Talk Talk News, 20 May 2010
Pride of public art project - Lions take to the streets
Bath Chronicle, 20 May 2010
Animal Art goes global
Itinerary Guide, 20 May 2010
Lions Roam Bath
Mirror video, 20 May 2010
Lions in Bath and other animal invasions 
One News Page, 20 May 2010
Lord Bath with Longleat Lion
Metro, 18 May 2010
Marquess meets his lion "twin"
Lynn News, 18 May 2010
Weymouth artist's sporty lion comes to town 
Dorset Echo,14 May 2010
Keep an eye out for lions
BBC Homes & Antiques, May 2010
Villagers make sure art event is a roaring success
Bath Chronicle, 13 May 2010
Villagers make sure art event is a roaring success
South West Business, 13 May 2010
Léo, le lion de Bath, customisé pendant la Fête de l'Europe
Jumelages, Aix en Provence, 11 May 2010
Lord Bath - Lions of Bath
Getty Images, May 2010
Masco sponsors Lions of Bath
Salvo News, 13 May 2010
The Pride of Bath
South West Illustrators, 10th May 2010
The Pride of Bath
South West Illustrators, 10th May 2010
City gets ready for life with the lions
Bath Chronicle, 6 May 2010
Lion will be Pride of Bath
North Devon Gazette, 6 May 2010
Deep Blue Sky sponsors Spot the Lion
Creative Boom, 6 May 2010
Lions of Bath, Pride in our City
Best of Bath, May 2010
Lion seen in the Abbey
Abbey News, April 2010
Amy ensures City of Bath has a golden lion
Bath Chronicle, 22nd April 2010
Bath's Lions meet Longleat variety
Wiltshire Times, 17th April 2010
A roaring success thanks to stars' help
Bath Chronicle, 15th April 2010
Rugby players help roar on public art project
Swindon Advertiser, 9th April 2010
Bath Rugby launch Lions of Bath 2010
ESPN Scrum, 9th April 2010
Lions of Bath deliver sculpture for Lord Bath to paint
PicApp, 9th April 2010
Bath Rugby launch public art project
Metro, 9th April 2010
Lions of Bath project
Getty Images, 7th April 2010
Lions of Bath sculpture meets the Longleat pride
BBC Points West, 2nd April 2010
Wild animals add colour to city streets
Bath Chronicle, 1st April 2010
Apres le Cow Parade, la Lions of Bath a Aix
Ma Gazette, France, March 2010
Twinning Pride - Lion to Aix en Provence
BBC Radio Bristol, 30th March 2010
Bath Rugby joins the Lions' Pride
Bath Rugby News,  March 2010
Milsom Place to host Lions of Bath HQ
Bath Chronicle, 25th March 2010
Guide to best English events you just can't miss
The Independent, Ireland,March 16  2010
Taking Pride in the Club Lion
Bath Chronicle, 11th March 2010
Taking Pride in the Club Lion
Somerset Guardian, 11th March 2010
Pupils Pride after winning Design a Lion Contest
Bath Chronicle, 4th March  2010
Great Art in Bath
The Travel Editor, March  2010
Lions of Bath public art
Travelocity, March 2010
Lions of Bath 2010
Visit Bath  2010
Lions of Bath 2010
Destinations Hilton,  February 2010
Bath's Lion Sculptor
Creative Boom, February  2010
A new public art project for Bath
First Great Western,  February 2010
Best things to do in Bath 2010
Suite 101 Travel
Winsor & Newton support Lions of Bath 2010
Winsor & Newton,  February 2010
What's new at Longleat
Visit Wiltshire,  February 2010
Longleat sponsors Lions of Bath 2010
Longleat,  February 2010
New public art event for Bath, February 2010
Longleat helps let lions loose in Bath
Warminster News, 1st February 2010
Model lions meet mane attraction
Western Daily Press, 28th January 2010
Longleat lions meet Lions of Bath
South West Business, 28th January 2010
Safari so good for lion project sponsorship
Bath Chronicle, 28th January 2010
School children battle it out to Design a Lion
Bath Chronicle, 21st January 2010
School children involved with Lions of Bath project
Bath Chronicle, 15th January 2010
Lions are the new pigs!
Bath Business Women's Association, January 2010
Alan Dun: Bath’s Lion Sculptor
Creative Boom, 7th December 2009
Lions of Bath 2010 - Pride in our city
Creative Boom, 2nd December 2009
Farewell Pigs, Welcome Lions
Bath Magazine, 24th November 2009
First lion to make debut next week
Bath Chronicle, 19th November 2009
Bath Lions
Bath Life, 13th November 2009
Pride of our city
Bath Life, 31st October 2009
Pride of Lions
Mogers Magazine, Winter 2009
Pride of lions to take to streets
Bath Chronicle, 15th October 2009
BBC News Picture of the Day
BBC national website, 15th October 2009
Bath’s pride of Lions shown off
BBC TV Points West, 14th October 2009
In pictures: Lion pride for Bath
BBC Bristol, 14th October 2009
West Country News
ITV, 14th October 2009
Bath Lions shown at secret venue
BBC Radio Bristol Breakfast Show, 14th October 2009
Pride of lions will be next pig thing
Western Daily Press, 2nd October 2009
Huge lion sculptures come to Bath
BBC Radio Bristol, 1st October 2009
Why Lions will be the mane attraction
Bath Chronicle, 1st October 2009

BBC Point West

Bath’s pride of Lions shown off (video)

BBC Picture of the day

BBC picture of the day

BBC Radio Bristol, 2nd October 2009

Huge lion sculptures come to Bath