The 100 lions in the pride have been decorated in a wide range of styles by 100 talented artists, from ceramicists to mosaic artists, abstract to fine artists and some artists who can’t be categorised! 

Al Greenall painting one of the first lion.

The aim of the event was to have a giant pride of vibrant eye-catching lion sculptures adorning the streets of the world heritage city, bringing a smile not only to the faces of Bath residents but also to the three million visitors expected to have seen this fabulous contemporary public art exhibition over the summer.

A wonderful selection of talented artists have decorated their lions which were enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of lion fans across the city and beyond. 

When sponsors first came on board, they were asked to choose an artist to decorate their lions to their own design.  They could either select one of the artists who had registered their interest in decorating lions for the project, or any artist of their choice. 

Some of the artists who initially registered to decorate lions sent in a biog and examples of their work for sponsors to browse through.  A pdf of their work can be downloaded here.

Not all of the Lions of Bath artists are featured on this list.  To see details of the final Lions of Bath artists' work, please visit the lion sculpture page, where photographs of all of the lions in the pride can be seen, along with live links to the artists' websites.

Winsor & Newton lion artist prize

A prize of £500 worth of artists' materials has kindly been offered by Winsor & Newton, known as the world’s leading supplier of fine art materials.  F J Harris and Minerva Art Supplies in Bath have very kindly offered a discount card to all of our lion artists.

Artists receive 25% of the auction sale price of their lions as payment for their work, so people were asked to help take good care of the Pride so they were  in tip top condition for the charity auctions!

When the lions were all gathered in off the streets in September, the artists then all came down to the Bath Press site on the Lower Bristol Road where the 104 lions were stored before the auctions, to give them some final TLC before the "Lions Roar Goodbye" auction preview weekend, attended by nearly 10,000 people.

We would like to thank all our artists for their amazing dedication to the pride and for spending so much time and creative energy finessing their lions to purr-fection.....