Charity Lion Auctions

Royal Cresent Lions

After spending summer 2010 delighting residents and some of the three million summer visitors to the World Heritage city of Bath,  over 90 of the majestic lions were sold at the recent auctions, with the last of the fabulous Lions of Bath pride are now available for sale online.

Bidding for the last Lions of Bath...

Please see the Sculpture Page of the website to see which lions are still available.

Please email with your best offer (guide price £1,000 + VAT)

For more information about any of the lions please phone the Lion Team on 01225 840338.

Auction Catalogue

The Lions of Bath Auction Catalogue featuring all 103 lions in the pride can be downloaded for further details of the pride.  Alternatively the Lions of Bath book is a great souvenir of the event, with hundreds of glossy colour photos of all 104 lions, plus photos  behind the scenes of the successful public art event.

NB. Porcelion, the Bath twinning lion decorated with it's partners the Jiangxi Province in China, was not for sale as he is now on public display at the Roman Baths.

Lion auction prices

Lions up to £1,500

AuROARa Sulis, Fenton, Galaxy, King Lateritus of Tasburgh, Parsley, Quercus S Rex, Regency Dandylion, Robo-Lion, Star, WOMAD, Tunited, Recyclion 1, Recyclion 2, Advokat, Angele, Aqua Lion, Autologize, Bloom, Boris, Bullion, Dandelion, Dave, Eureka, Handson, Harold the Herald, King of Pop, Librarius, Llewelyn, Manely in the Pink, Milsom, NICU, On Safari, Pride of Bath, Read Between the Lions, Roartork, Spot the Lion, Steller, Streamlion, Street Lion, The Lion's Share, The Mane Bank, La La Sensory, Killerbyte, Coeur de Lion, Lion Framer, Roaring Ahead, Aslan, King of Bling, Paper Circus, Lionheart, King of Bling, Les Fauves de Bath, King of Pop.

Lions from £1,500- £2,000
Aesop, Daisy Honeysuckle, Lion de Fleur, The Lion the Watch & The Wardrobe, Laurence, FloraLeo, Maximus, Mir Cat, The Bath Lion, Abstract Africa, The Mane Course, Zan Zan, Lion 'art, Priaulx, Imperial, Mathematicat, The Grate Lion, Earth Lion, Lions of Communication, Vermillion, Pat the Lion, Persicus, Frank Fantastikous, Corinthian. 

Lions from £2,000-£3,000
Partymania, Louie, Zillion, King of Fudge, Sea Lion, Leo Aquae Sulis, Medallion, King of the Wylde, Aequitas, Jeffrey does My Bum Look Big in This, Maestoso.

Lions over £3,000
The Mane Event - £3,100
Graffiti Lion - £3,250
King of the Rock 'n Roll Jungle - £3,250
Quercus Viridis - £4,300
Wordsworth - £5,400
Euan the Lion - £15,000 (net profits to The Born Free Foundation)


All net profits from the Lions of Bath 2010 event will be donated to:

"Lions Roar Goodbye" Auction Preview Weekend

The Lions Roar Goodbye" weekend saw all 104 of the magnificent lion sculptures  displayed in one giant pride in front of the Royal Crescent.  Nearly 10,000 lion fans came to say their final farewells before the majestic beasts headed off to the auctions.  Many have now been collected from the Den at the old Bath Press site and are setting up new territories in counties across England and beyond....

For further information about the bidding for a lion, please email or  phone the Lion Team on 01225 840338



The Assembly Rooms
, Bath
Auction - Friday 15th October 2010

An evening auction of 60 of the 100 magnificent Lions of Bath sculptures, with champagne reception, dinner and entertainment at the Assembly Rooms, Bath's largest Georgian venue. The auctioneer for the evening was Bath MP Don Foster.


Auction - Sunday 17th October 2010

A Sunday lunchtime and afternoon auction of 40 of the fabulous Lions of Bath pride at the new Komedia venue in Bath, with auctioneer DJ Mike Read and friends.